Fish collagen peptides

For more than a century, Weishardt has shared a close connection with the people who are passionate about Food and Health ingredients. Weishardt works relentlessly to provide Naticol®, fish collagen peptides, customers need to create the product today’s customers desire to make safe, natural choices and lead healthy lifestyles
Пептиды рыбного коллагена

Product profile

Naticol® is mainly type I fish collagen peptides, including dipeptides and tripeptides.
It is produced in Europe from high quality raw materials (fish skins) and by specific enzymatic hydrolysis. It is a natural and UNIQUE fish collagen peptide ingredient.
Профиль продукта

Product advantages

  • Natural, from fish skins, sustainable
  • Unique collagen peptide profile (enzymatic hydrolysis)
  • A very high purity degree of collagen protein: > 99,8% DM (ionic demineralization and filtrations)
  • Highly bioavailable and bioactive for the best efficacy
  • Water-soluble, neutral taste, smell and color (high quality grades)
  • Supported by 2 human clinical studies
  • Secure and safe from supply chain to finished raw material
  • Produced in Europe under ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards
  • GMO free/ fat free/ carbohydrate free/ preservative free/ purine free
Weishardt’s R&D department carefully selects the raw material and enzyme mixture that generate peptides with targeted biological activities. The nature of the matrix is due to the raw material source, the choice of protease and the extent of hydrolysis which are the three main factors in the production of peptides with targeted biological activities.

Product applications

Область применения продукта Skin and Anti-aging Application

Fish collagen hydrolysates have been studied for waterholding capacity, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. They may also help to maintain skin smoothness. Naticol® fish collagen peptides may allow the skin to retain moisture and elasticity when ingested orally but also when applied topically, it may allow hydration due to its film-forming, water-binding properties. Result of the clinical studies are available on request.

Wound healing

The amino acids found in collagen are critical component in fibroblast formation, collagen synthesis, wound contraction and scar formation.

Joint Health

Type 1 collagen is widely present in bones, tendons and ligaments. Naticol® can provide the amino acids which make up collagen in these tissues. Fish collagen peptides may also increase the dietary absorption of calcium [4]. In vivo studies showed benefits of Naticol.

Weight management

Collagen peptides may play a role in weight management as dietary proteins, partly due to protein effects on satiety.

Clinical studies, scientific results

Results of two dermoclinical studies conducted by CPCAD, Nice hospital, revealed that users of Naticol® fish collagen peptides experienced improvements in skin beauty. Other scientific studies also suggested that ingestion of Naticol® may present benefits in other health areas.

Product grades

Grades and application of Weishardt fish collagen peptides, Naticol®
Product names Properties Applications
Naticol ®1000
  • Low molecular weight (Mean Mw: 2 kDa)
  • Fine powder
  • Very low viscosity
  • Tablets, capsules
  • Functional food & beverages
    • Some Ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, according to process
    • Gummies
    • Food bars
    • Jellies
    • And many more...
Naticol® 4000
  • Medium molecular weight (Mean Mw: 4 kDA)
  • Fine powder
  • Low viscosity
Naticol® BPMG
  • Low molecular weight (Mean Mw: 2 kDa)
  • Microgranulated form - high dispersability
  • Very low viscosity
  • High organoleptic properties : neutral taste and odor, high transparency
  • Functional food & beverages
    • Instant drink & powders
    • Some Ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, according to process
    • Gummies
    • Food bars
    • Jellies
    • And many more ...
  • Cosmetics (cream, shampoo, mask …)
Naticol® HPMG
  • Medium molecular weight (Mean Mw: 4 kDa)
  • Microgranulated form - high dispersability
  • Low viscosity
  • High organoleptic properties: neutral taste and odor, high transparency
* All Naticol products present interest in Cosmetics, Nutracosmetics and Joint Health