Weishardt International (France, Slovakia and Canada)

Weishardt International was founded in 1839 as a producer of glue from animal coats used in furniture production. In 1930's one of the brothers who founded the company decided to build a factory near the raw materials source in the city of Grole in the South-West of France. The other advantage of this place was a source of crystal pure water which is extremely important when producing gelatine. Since then the French plant is one of the largest producers of pork gelatine.

Currently, Weishardt International owns 3 major plants:

  • Gelatines Weishard (France)
  • Gelima a.s. (Slovakia)
  • Tergel (Canada) — a factory supplied with a brand-new equipment conforming to every sanitary and veterinary norm and standard which was put into operation in 2007.

The gelatine quality was certified by the largest multi-national corporations.

We offer you a chance to use raw materials certified by the world’s leading foodstuffs producers in your production process!