About us

ST Foods was founded in 2005

In the Russian market, we exclusively represent Weishardt International, a multinational holding group with nearly a century of history. W.I. is one of the world’s leading gelatin producers of the Premium segment.

Weishardt production sites which are situated in France, Canada and Slovakia use state of the art equipment and apply latest technologies and innovative solutions that allow producing high-quality gelatin. Moreover, they are certified ISO and HACCP and have accredited laboratories for testing their products.

We care about the quality of Russian foodstuff market, imported ingredients and its end products. We want the market to be full of high-quality green-labelled and healthy products.

Therefore we are trusted by reputed manufacturers of foodstuff, pharmaceutical and some other industries with which ST Foods have been cooperating on a regular basis for ages.

Our partners have already appreciated the quality of the supplied products and seen our responsibility for timeliness of deliveries and the availability of necessary accompanying documents. In addition, our specialists’ consultations have helped to improve production efficiency of our partners.

For new clients we can offer customized approaches for their production process, our professional technological support in launching pilot lots and in preparation of necessary documents. And also we can select gelatin with the technical characteristics suited for your production.

Our company is constantly evolving and in our nearest plans – to launch delivery of collagen, which is widely used in the beauty industry and the pharmaceutical industry to the market of Russia and CIS countries.